Residential Food Scrap Composting

Municipalities and local leaders make decisions and set the tone for how wasted food is addressed in their community. This ...
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Analysis of State Disaster Debris Management Plans

The heart of Emergency Management and Solid Waste Management is the protection of public life, health, welfare and the environment ...
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Sierra Club Beverage Container Guidance

The Sierra Club provides a 12-page guidance paper on beverage containers. It outlines how the program works, as well as ...
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Austin Resource Recovery Master Plan (Zero Waste)

The Austin Resource Recovery Master Plan (Master Plan) projects future activities and services provided by Austin Resource Recovery (ARR or ...
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Austin Organics Collection Pilot Presentation

Organics Collection Pilot Program - 6 month update ...
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Recommendations for Increasing Diversion: Austin, Texas

This document provides recommendations to move Austin beyond the plateau in residential diversion towards the 2015 and 2020 Zero Waste ...
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Recycling and Reuse Tenants for Austin’s New [re]Manufacturing Hub

The City of Austin is accepting letters of interest from potential recycling and reuse industry tenants interested in locating at ...
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NRC Policy Document #41: Incineration

The National Recycling Coalition policy on Incineration as a disposal method and not a form of recyling ...
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Legislation and Regulation Volume-Based Refuse Collection Fees

The NRC's Policy Document #33 - Legislation and Regulation Volume - Based Refuse Collection Fees ...
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Legislation and Regulation Landfill Tipping Fees

The NRC's Policy Document #29 - Legislation and Regulation Landfill Tipping Fees ...
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Financing- Establishing Economic Incentives Through Avoided Collection Disposal Costs

The NRC's Policy Document #14 - Establishing Incentives through Avoided Collection Disposal Costs ...
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Procurement Guidelines for Recycled Paper

The NRC's Policy Document #7 - Procurement Guidelines for Recycled Paper ...
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Understanding Economic and Environmental Impacts of Single Stream Collection Systems 2009

In 2009, the Container Recycling Institute undertook a study on the impacts of single-stream collection of residential recyclables, with a ...
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Single-Stream Recycling – Scientific American

In this journal article, the author goes over the advantages and disadvantages of single-stream plastic, comparing that method to the ...
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Marin Sanitary Cart Systems

MSS Recycling split-cart Cart Guide 2021. MSS_Residential_Getting_Started_Guide_June2021 ...
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Author: RAMW A new trend of sustainable act, which is called zero-waste cooking is implemented at the beginning of 2019 ...
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Zero Waste Case Study: San Francisco

Author: EPA The analysis on San Francisco’s implementation in 2003, which is aimed to reduce 75% of waste by 2020 ...
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Zero Waste for Restaurants and Food Services

Author: Irvine Civic Center Zero waste tips for restaurants and food services promoted by the City of Irvine. Introducing how ...
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