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The NRC encourages your contributions to the library. Types of documents include conference  proceedings you’ve organized or attended, webinars and documents you’ve published or presented, and case studies, guides, and reports you have compiled.

An NRC board subcommittee routinely reviews submissions before posting to the site.

Use the Submit Documents button to upload either a file or provide a link.  You can also upload images associated with the document in a variety of formats.

Categorize your document under one or more categories that appear below. Use relevant tag words, which then build the word cloud here.

Average time for submitting a pdf with an image is under 5 minutes.  

For large numbers of docs or additional assistance, contact intern curators at [email protected]

waste reduction

Source Reduction / Reuse





Materials Recycling


Recycling Market Development

Market Development






Legislation and Policy




Outreach and Education

Zero Waste and the Circular Economy

Historic Collections

The NRC’s Library supports other programs such as the: 

National Standards Certification Board, which has a collection of resources for states and organizations interested in training and certification.

Campus Council, which focuses on connecting higher education and the industry with research, tech transfer, and career services to name a few areas of resources and connectivity offered.

Info Exchange, is a market development platform and directory of programs, policies, tools, and research accessible by state.


Please take advantage of these resources and remember to contribute yours as well.

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