1. RCRA Reauthorization Policy

2. Product Labelling for Recyclability/ Recycled Content

3. Market Development: Market Cooperatives Policy

4. National Measurement Standards for Waste Production & Recovery Policy

5. Research & Development & Technology Transfer

6. Procurement: policies in State & Local government

7. Procurement: Guidelines for Recycled Paper

8. Procurement: Policies in Federal Government Agencies

9. National Waste Reduction Goals

10. Accounting for Cost of Disposal and Utilization

11. Financing: Contingency Planning for Recycling Markets

12. Financing: Cost-Effective Recycling Operations and Facilities

13. Financing: Establishing Access to Investment Tools for Recycling Projects

14. Financing: Establishing Economic Incentives through Avoided Collection/Disposal Costs

15. Financing: Fiscal Policies for Public Sector Solid Waste Investments

16. Financing: Local Funding authority for integrated waste management

17. Financing: Local Rate Setting/Structures to Support Recycling

18. Cost Effective Recycling Infrastructure

19. Hierarchy of Waste Management Preferences

20. Basic Recycling Practices

21. Building Construction Codes

22. Establishment of Annual Recycle Week

23. Establishment of College & University Curriculum

24. Establishment of K-12 Recycling Curriculum

25. National Clearinghouse for Recycling information

26. Composting Policy

27. National Recycling Coalition’s Role in Recycling Education & Outreach

28. Degradable Plastics Use

29. Landfill Tipping Fees

30. Opportunity to Recycling Legislation

31. Recycled Content Product Standards

32. Support of Basel Convention

33. Volume-based Refuse Collection Fees

34. Building a Recycled Materials Manufacturing Base

35. Increasing Demand for Recycled Products

36. Recommended Market Development Instruments and Activities

37. National Database on Recycling Capacity

38. Public Involvement in Promoting Recycling

39. Sustainable Financing – Extended Producer Responsibility to Support Recycling

40. Recycling Definition Policy

41. Zero Waste Definition Policy

42. Incineration Policy

43. ReUse Policy

44. Framework for Advancing Container Recovery