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The State of Composting in the US: What, Why, Where & How

Author: Institute for Local Self-Reliance This executive summary explains what composting is and why it is important; summarizing model programs, technologies, and systems; and providing a national and state-by-state snapshot of activities, infrastructure needed, and policy opportunities. It concludes with

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Waste Tire Management Fees

Author: New Your State – Department of Taxation and Finance Environmental Conservation Law in New York State has Scrap Tire Legislation. It regulates how old tires are handled after being replaced, and the system’s specialized recycling methods. Click here to

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WasteWise update: building for the future

Author: EPA You can make your organization’s buildings greener by improving their energy and water efficiency, employing renewable sources of energy, improving indoor air quality, and using materials more efficiently. This issue of the WasteWise Update looks primarily at the

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Electronics reuse and recycling directory : WasteWise update

Author: EPA The guideline provides comprehensive information about electronics reuse and recycling. It introduces common knowledge like the concerns and benefits of electronics, everything you need to know before recycling or reuse the electronics. Moreover, it provides information about the

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Services & Maintenance: New Life For Old Carpet

Author: Robert Peoples  Current statistics indicate that approximately four billion pounds of used carpet are deposited in landfills each year. This significant burden on the environment can be avoided by proactive approaches taken with each commercial carpet installation. Recycling turns

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State of the United States Circular Economy

Author: Circular CoLab The State of the Circular Economy in America delivers the first United States focused scan of the Circular Economy landscape. By providing an analysis of 202 United States based Circular Economy initiatives, this report offers concrete examples

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