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Day: December 3, 2019

WasteWise Update: Remanufactured products: Good as new

Author: EPA The guideline introduces comprehensive information of remanufactured products to both consumers and manufactures. It includes steps for people to ensure the quality for remanufactured products meets their need. Moreover, three examples of successful remanufactured products from different industries

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Pay-as-you-throw: a cooling effect on climate change

Author: EPA Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) is an economic incentive program that encourages residents to reduce the amount of waste they generate and to recycle more. The benefits of this program go beyond the obvious advantages of generating less waste. Click here

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WasteWise update: building for the future

Author: EPA You can make your organization’s buildings greener by improving their energy and water efficiency, employing renewable sources of energy, improving indoor air quality, and using materials more efficiently. This issue of the WasteWise Update looks primarily at the

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Decision-makers guide to solid waste management

Author: EPA This report presents problems and possible solutions to waste management issues for policymakers. It introduces the concept of integrated waste management by providing an overview of major municipal waste issues while also highlighting program options and listing criteria

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