Economics, Incentives, and Jobs Created

Austin Zero Waste Master Plan – Economic Development

AUSTIN Zero Waste Master Plan - Economic Development ...
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[re]Manufacturing Hub Presentation

Manufacturing Hub_Presentation"] ...
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A Financing Guide for Recycling Businesses: Investment Forums, Meetings, and Networks

Author: Unites States Environmental Protection Agency This publication is designed for recycling entrepreneurs and economic developers seeking capital for recycling ...
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Do Energy Efficiency Strategies Outperform Recycling in GHG Mitigation and Job Creation?

Author: SERA This paper challenges the apparent hierarchy for GHG sources and shines compelling light on the currently undervalued role ...
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Purchasing Strategies: to Prevent Waste and Save Money

Author: Source Reduction Forum of the National Recycling Coalition This guide provides information and examples of how the procurement process ...
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Business guide for reducing solid waste

Author: EPA This guide offers step-by-step instructions designed to assist medium and large businesses, governments, and other organizations establish a ...
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State of the United States Circular Economy

Author: Circular CoLab The State of the Circular Economy in America delivers the first United States focused scan of the ...
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Author: EcoCycle Zero Waste creates job opportunities and reduces trash. According to the report, Zero Waste has created 757,000 jobs, ...
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