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Category: Outreach and Education

Community-Based Social Marketing

Author: Community-Based Social Marketing Sustainability promotion requires an understanding of how to effectively encourage individuals and business to adopt resource efficient practices. Sustainable behavior initiatives rely upon large-scale information campaigns that utilize education and/or advertising to encourage behavior change. This

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The Road to Zero Waste Universities

Author: Bevi The article introduces 12 zero waste initiatives you can bring to your college campus. Zero waste needs more than just a campus recycling program. Click here to view the article: The Road to Zero Waste Universities

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Outreach and Education

Recycle, MI Campaign Outline

Author: Michigan Recycling Coalition Outline of Recycle, MI Campaign and implementation. Recycle, MI is a marketing campaign created and developed by the Michigan Recycling Coalition (MRC) with the primary goals of raising awareness and participation in recycling programs from Michiganders.

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Reuse Explorations Guide: Innovative Programs and Strategies

Author: Northeast Recycling Council This guide provides a comprehensive overview of reuse opportunities and programming for state, tribal, municipal, and community leaders; materials managers; economic development specialists; citizen activists; reuse businesses; charity/non-profit representatives;, and others who desire to expand reuse

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Food Recovery Hierarchy Compendium

Author: Northeast Recycling Council A resource to assist decision makers, materials management staff, non-profit organizations, citizen activists and others in implementing and expanding Food Recovery programs. Written by the Northeast Recycling Council, with funding from the Rural Utilities Service, United

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