Day: November 19, 2019

Collection Efficiency: Strategies for Success

Author: EPA New strategies for improving collection efficiency, which can cut residential solid waste collection costs up to 40 percent, while still provide expected services. The step-by-step strategies require programs to be evaluation, and they include collection frequency, automation, dual

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Environmental Management System

Author: EPA Environmental Management System (EMS) is a formal set of policies and procedures that define how an organization will evaluate, manage, and track its environmental impacts. This document introduces two manufactures, Madison Precision Products, Inc. and Louisiana-Pacific Corporation to

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Environmentally Preferable Purchasing

Author: EPA Environmentally preferable purchasing (EPP) is a concept that melds procurement and environmental sustainability conscious purchasing strategy, advocates multifaceted environmental purchasing decisions. In this document, EPA introduces how to develop, implement and assess an EPP program. Click here to

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Getting more for less : improving collection efficiency

Author: EPA The Collection Efficiency Study was undertaken to provide a more detailed understanding of cost-saving methods for collecting residential solid waste (RSW) and recyclables. The study included the following major tasks: Conducting meetings and discussions with project sponsors, funding

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Electronics reuse and recycling directory : WasteWise update

Author: EPA The guideline provides comprehensive information about electronics reuse and recycling. It introduces common knowledge like the concerns and benefits of electronics, everything you need to know before recycling or reuse the electronics. Moreover, it provides information about the

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Business guide for reducing solid waste

Author: EPA This guide offers step-by-step instructions designed to assist medium and large businesses, governments, and other organizations establish a waste reduction program. Although not specifically designed for smaller companies, these firms also might find the guide useful. While employees

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WasteWise update : moving toward sustainability

Author: EPA The sustainability continuum represents a gradual widening of organizational perspective and responsibility from an immediate group of facilities, suppliers, and customers to society as a whole. This Update is designed to inspire your organization to use WasteWise to

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